Our Story!
Envi Salons, established in 2004, are the culmination of long years of preparation, contemplation, experience and a thoughtful approach towards providing best salon experiences on the high streets and to the mall walkers.

“Envi Salon” is a dream envisioned by Mr. Rajesh Kant and Mrs. Renu Kant the Founders of the Company. The Directors launched their First brand “Exquise” and later on went ahead to expand their chain of salons with the now Brand “Envi” in all the major reputed malls & high streets.

We at “ENVI” believe in “Distinction” or “Nothing”. In 2004, when the first Salon was launched the idea was to totally Break free from the traditional salons and create a Shift towards the international trend of Unisex Open Salons in Malls, where the people moving within the mall could actually catch a glimpse of the activities going on inside, a trend tried and tested internationally but not on Indian shores.

This journey has come to us with trials and failures, but with every learning day we grew and now have become a recognized chain of premium salons. We are proud to have our brand presence in more than 23 prime locations across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Our Culture
Envi Believes in Distinction or Nothing. We strive towards taking you from ‘You’ to ‘Distinctly You!’

ENVI’s culture and reputation differentiates it from its peers and has provided a strong foundation for success. Only with a Strong emphasis on our Values - Integrity, Client’s First, Lead with Excellence, & Give Back - can we strive to surpass the expectations of the clients, enhancing their experience & developing the brand loyalty.

Our Philosophy
Envi believes in Distinction. Or Nothing.

To be alive and not being the ‘one’ you wished to be is blasphemous, calls for a visit to Envi. For tomorrow is another day, and another look holds for that.

Today is when we have our change. Today is yesterday’s future. Today is when we are on the main stage.

One better be prepared. Better be confident. Better be good. And it does come good when one prepares well, chooses well. Envi – The Transformation Station. Taking you from ‘You’ to ‘Distinctly You’.

And a world full of followers, acceptors…envious

What’s important is that you lived it the way you desired to. Flaunted what you wanted to. Moved on in life where you wanted to.

Envi. Distinctly You.
Awards & Achievements

Best Lifestyle Brand 2018/2019

National Salon of the Year – Premium

Best Salon Chain Metro