Nail extensions are artificial nails placed over natural nails to create length and enhance their appearance. They are made of various materials, such as acrylic and gel. Applying nail extensions involves buffing, priming, and sculpting the extensions to fit the natural nail.

Nail extensions offer versatility in design and can be customized with various colors, patterns, and embellishments. At Envi Salon, the nail extension price is extremely reasonable.

Nail Extensions At Envi Salon

Our Nail extension jobs are popular due to the salon’s commitment to quality and exceptional service. Clients obtain premium nail extensions that are both attractive and long-lasting thanks to our highly qualified and experienced experts. No doubt, we use only the best supplies and tools. 

We provide several alternatives, ranging from simple, natural-looking extensions to extravagant, elegant designs. Also, we have a tranquil and pleasant setting so customers may unwind while using our nail extension services.

Types Of Nail Extension Services We Offer

Acrylic Nail Extensions

Acrylic nail extensions are a popular service offered at Envi Salon. These extensions are known for their versatility, allowing for various customization options. Our skilled technicians apply a mixture of powder and a monomer to the natural nail bed, which can be molded into any desired shape or design. 

Gel Nail Extensions

Once the mixture hardens, the extensions can last up to a week. We use high-quality materials to ensure the durability and longevity of acrylic extensions

Our gel nail extensions are a popular service that results in beautiful and durable nails. The process involves applying a hard gel onto the natural nails, which are then shaped and cured under a UV light. This results in a long-lasting, sturdy extension that can be customized to the client’s desired length, shape, and size. 

At the salon, we use only high-quality products and materials to ensure the gel extensions last weeks without chipping or peeling. With various colors and design options available at the most budget-friendly prices, clients can choose a look that best suits their style and preferences.

Nail Extension Removal

Our nail extension removal service is for those looking to take a break from nail extensions or who want to switch to their natural nail look. The procedure involves delicately removing the extensions from the native nail bed using specific tools and materials.

Our highly qualified professionals take special care to execute the removal procedure securely and efficiently, maintaining the quality of your natural nails intact. 

Don’t forget to check our nail extension price over call before making a booking.