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Cartridge Waxing – A complete Guide

Cosmetic waxes made up of different components are available in the market, which is a significant advantage. Additionally, there are various options for waxing procedures as a simple hair removal process.

Cartridge waxing (or roll-on waxing) is one of the most practical solutions for a cleaner and smoother body (no more unwanted hair on the body). Hair removal with roll-on cartridges is easier because it is a mess-free process.

No need for the traditional wax warmer anymore!

What is cartridge waxing?

Cartridge waxing is easy for large and small body areas such as the arms and legs.

Roll-on waxing is a cost-effective hair waxing method that uses a single-use, recyclable, and portable wax cartridge. Apply wax to the skin, and there you go, hairless without pain and wax dripping issues.

Cartridge Waxing 2

How roll-on waxing works?

A single-use wax cartridge is inserted inside a roll-on wax warmer. It is heated for approximately 20 minutes to get adequately warm. After heat-up, the cartridge dispenses soft wax directly to the application area without using spatulas. The usual content of the roll-on wax cartridge is 3.9 fl oz (100 ml).

How much does cartridge waxing cost?

People with rough, thick, or hard hair may find that wax applied straight to the skin works well. You get smoother skin after waxing, lasting almost 4-5 weeks. But it would be best if you used a high-quality roll-on waxing technique. When compared to regular wax, roll-on waxing is less expensive. For instance, cartridge waxing service costs starts from Rs 1300+GST for full arms and legs.

Benefits of cartridge waxing

Waxing products are available in a variety of styles and presentations. As a result, in today’s era, every professional body waxing expert takes care of the client’s demands and gives a relaxing experience. Experts recommend roll-on/cartridge waxing because it has ultra hygiene application (owing to a single-use wax cartridge that is replaced for every client).

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There are many more benefits of this cartridge waxing–

  • Beneficial for all skin types – It is a soft wax that can be used on all types of skin to remove hair from roots.
  • Quick and convenient – Roll-on waxing is an easy and fast process. A cartridge is inserted into the roller and applied to the skin. So there is no need to waste your time using a spatula to apply wax or heat wax repeatedly.
  • Not a sticky wax – Cartridge wax is not as sticky as other soft wax products because its compositions are paraffin-free and water-soluble. They also leave no waste after removal, allowing for a more seamless transition into the post-wax treatment.
  • Freedom from the mess – Cartridge waxing ensures a clean process where the wax does not drip. After a wax session, there is no mess to clean up. But it is recommended by experts that after this wax, you must apply a lotion for proper clean-up.
  • Hygienic roll-on wax – Because wax cartridges are single-use, the system is perfect, and there is no possibility of double-dipping. Sanitizing the roller and replacing the cartridges keep things hygienic.

If you are looking for a cleaner waxing procedure that gives results comparable to traditional waxing yet is mess-free and quick, cartridge waxing is an unmissable try.

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