Exquise Salons

“We just don’t Service, We Create an Experience”

Exquise has been the salon of choice, providing an array of services suitable for everyone at affordable prices. We've been growing strong and bringing style and beauty back to the affordable salon experience.

Exquise Salon aims to create a unique position in the salon industry, and become a brand known for exceptional beauty and skill while taking care of the status of each client's hair. Our goal is to provide quality service at an affordable price to everyone.

Why Salon Industry?

The hair salon industry continues to grow with the population and is considered by many to be recession resistant. Exquise is dedicated to growing our same store sales faster than the industry norms, achieving a disproportionate market share in each market we enter. Franchising within this industry is a strong decision, and that you can feel good about.

Organized /
Sector Growth -
30% Annually
Low or no perishable
Growth in middle
class and their
dispensable income
Salon Industry Facts

The Hair & Beauty Salon industry is valued at Rs. 17,000 crores and is growing at a fast 15% - 20% annually, with the organized sector growing doubly at 30% annually and franchise business comprises 30% of total organized share

  • The Beauty & Salon industry is poised for a major growth in the years ahead, the growing middle class which has now developed into a more aspiring segment with the freedom of disposable income and with an inner desire to being well groomed among both men and women.
  • The newly developed perception is changing, with people willing to spend on making themselves look good, using the salon offerings in terms of vast services provided, work pressure increasing with each day passing making them think of rejuvenating themselves has also added to the growth factor in this sector.
  • Recession resistant - industry has continued to grow and improve, even during times of economic uncertainty.
Who Makes A Good Franchise

We are looking for passionate and like-minded individuals who want to be a part of an iconic Salon brand and who have the desire to strive for results and take control of their own future. There is no better time to start your own business with a leading Salon brand.

While experience in the Salon world is not essential, you must possess a finesse that creates a welcoming and warm environment, unmatched by others. A passion for style is great, but business experience is even better.

Why Exquise Franchise
  1. Backing of a Team with proven success
    • A. Decades of Experiences in the Salon Industry
    • B. Winner of Several Awards in the Industry
  2. Reduced Cost of Investment & Higher ROI
    • A. Strategic Alliances with International brands
    • B. Benefits of Highly Negotiated Prices leading to reduced cost
  3. Comprehensive 360° Support
Design & Project
Recruitment &
Marketing Guidance
& Assistance
Right from Site Selection. We carefully help selection of the site of salon that is in accordance with brand image and availability of target customer segment. Design & Project Management Support - Full Turnkey Support - We will walk you through the store opening process from start to finish!
We believe that Education is the Key to Success. We assist to hire good Manpower. We also provide regular & upgradation training at our Academy to ensure that the team is always ready to meet the needs of the customers. We have also partnered with top beauty industry leaders to train our operators on latest trends and techniques.
Our years of experience and strategic alliances with several brands & vendors have allowed us to arrive at highly negotiated prices. The same benefits are passed out to our franchises
We provide franchisee with single point Support manager to help in carrying out business and troubleshooting. We provide pre-opening, ongoing and growth operational assistance for all franchisees to ensure that they deliver the high standard of Services expected.
We provide all franchisees with the tools, knowledge and resources to successfully market their business. Right from developing strategy and implementation plans for marketing promotions to build brand awareness and drive salon traffic.
What Type of Franchise Business Model is Exquise

Exquise works on a Franchisee owned - Franchisee Operated (FOFO) With Extensive Support & Trainings provided by Exquise at all stages of the business.

How much does it cost to open an Exquise Franchise

The investment can range from INR 60,00,000 to INR 90,00,000. This would depend on the Size of business. This includes the initial franchise fee that has to be paid by the franchisee

Will I receive Trainings

Holistic training will be provided to Franchise owner & staff on brand profile, Services & Product Profile, Customer engagement & management, Salon and business operations, reporting, etc. Also, Regular trainings will be scheduled at our Academy through the year.

Who Will Build My Salons

We will provide detailed Plans from our Store Design team as well as recommended contractors that other owners in the area have used. Nevertheless, you are responsible for hiring a contractor to build your location.

How much does an Exquise’s franchise make?

Profitability depends on many factors, including operating and occupancy costs, financing terms and most important, your ability to operate the business effectively.

Do I need to order my Supplies from Your Vendor

We require all franchisees to order supplies from an approved distributor. This ensures that all Centers have the best quality supplies at a lowest negotiated rate for goods and services while maintaining quality, standards and ensuring the best value for our franchisees.