If beauty is skin-deep, we need to take extra care of our skin to let our beauty last longer! Who won’t agree to this?

Our skin is exposed to a lot of dust and dirt. If it stays on the skin for too long, it causes acne, pimples, and dryness. That’s why your body needs exfoliation and polishing. We will guide you through it.

What Is Body Exfoliation/ Full Body Polishing?

It is the process of removing dead skin cells from the body. Body scrubs exfoliate the skin to cleanse it, remove dead skin cells, and improve circulation. Boosting blood flow to the surface of your skin improves blood circulation and drains your lymph nodes. Body exfoliation can be done either through scrubs or sugar peels. Besides removing dead cells, full body polishing moisturizes the skin to give it a smooth and supple feeling.

What Is Skin Exfoliation?

Skin exfoliation is a way to get a radiant and brightened look and is also good for skin care. Beauty experts often recommend getting it done frequently. Skin exfoliation can be done using scrubs. However, reaching out to an expert is always recommended so that the scrubbing never harms your skin layer.

What Is Body Polishing For A Bride?

Body polishing is a skincare procedure in which selected products produced from natural ingredients are applied to your body to cleanse and moisturize it.

On your wedding day, it’s the ideal approach to exfoliate your body skin and make it sparkle, as brides are the center of attraction at any wedding event.

Body polishing is a beauty service that practically every salon offers for brides. If you are soon to be a bride, ensure that it is included in your pre-bridal package.

The bride-to-be must check that –

  • Even though your face is a part of your body, keep it out of the treatment area. The skin on our faces is significantly more delicate than our bodies. There are several alternative facial treatments available.
  • A minimum week-long break – Keep a week between your body-polish routine and the wedding festivities. To help it settle down and appear more natural, finish your treatment at least a week before your wedding event. Additionally, it would be best to keep a week’s distance between each body polishing treatment. This will allow your body to adjust gradually to the treatment.
  • Avoid too much sunlight during the treatment procedure.

Body Polishing Steps

You start the process by lying down on a cozy platform that lets your body unwind. Once they begin, you can ask the beautician to walk you through the body polishing procedure. To start, you’ll be instructed to lie on your stomach. The beautician will scrub one section of your body at a time to begin the procedure. They will next clean it with a cleaner and, in the end, massage it with a cream. Your body will then be washed with lukewarm water.

After your session, you should take a hot shower or bath to remove any residual materials from your body. Body polishing for brides often lasts 40 to 45 minutes.

Body Polishing Benefits

  • Removes dead cells
  • Promotes healthy skin.
  • Provides your body with a soft appearance by exfoliating it
  • Better skin that is neither greasy nor dry
  • Hydrated body
  • Extremely calming and soothing skin cleansing routine
  • Allows your skin to breathe by opening up the pores

Body Polishing Products

Several exfoliants are available in the market that you can use to cleanse. Your skin type suggests which exfoliant will suit you.

A fantastic way to remove dead skin cells and reveal skin that is lighter and more luminous is with the Dermalogica Exfoliant. This exfoliator comprises chemical and physical exfoliants to deliver mild yet efficient exfoliation.

You may avail full body polishing services that utilises the best body scrub and exfoliator. A sugar peel-off body exfoliation sloughs away dirt and dead skin cells from your body, keeping it glowing and soft.

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