According to a study, the prevalence of premature greying is about 27%. While some people flaunt it, others like to dye it. For colors to stay longer, root touch-up is highly recommended. Before you book your appointment with a salon, know what it is about.

What Is A Root Touchup?

Since the roots are where the new hair grows in, they are frequently the first parts of the hair to exhibit hair dye coloration. To hide the appearance of hair that has grown out and to extend the life of hair color, a root touch-up is nothing more than applying hair dye to the roots of the hair.

It doesn’t take too long to do the touch-ups. An application typically takes between 20 and 30 minutes. Another thirty to forty-five minutes are needed for processing with time, heat, or both.

At that point, it’s also time to finish with washing and style. So, plan on spending about two hours at the salon. Depending on the type of hair root touch-up product, these touch-up items have various application techniques.

  • Liquid base: This is comparable to a standard hair color applied to the roots with a brush after being combined from tubes of color and developer.

Professionally done hair root touch-up ensures you have all your greys covered that start to peek through, helping you look presentable and confident all time.

The benefits of root touch-up done at a good salon ensures:

  • Choosing the right shade of hair color that is the same as color of hair lengths
  • Precise application of hair color to the roots to cover them well.

How Much Does A Root Touchup Cost?

Root touch-up is important for prolonging the color you’ve applied. Quite fortunately, it doesn’t cost much. It depends on the length of the hair color and whether it is Majirel or INOA. Majirel root touch-up – Majirel involves the use of Ammonia, a brand of conventional color technology, to swell and lift the hair cuticles, allowing colorants to permeate the hair shaft and deeply into the cortex. It’s frequently the most extreme and long-lasting way to color your hair. This is the best permanent root touch-up for grey hair.

Besides this, INOA root touch-up is also done.

You can get it done for 1400 to 1700 INR using professional products that won’t compromise your hair.

Can Root Touch-up Tube Color Cause Hair Loss? How Often Get Roots Touched Up?

Root touch-up is done with several products like Majirel or inoa colors. The technique of root touch-up does not lead to hair loss. Using premium quality post color wash products like Pro Classic, Inoa Post Color, Metal DX, and Vitamino ensures that hair health is not harmed during the procedure.

These coloring cosmetics contain various chemicals, just like any other makeup product, and it is uncommon to discover a chemical-free root touch-up treatment. Before using the product on your scalp, conduct a patch test. If you are allergic to certain makeup ingredients, this becomes crucial.

How Long Does Root Touch-up Last?

Although everyone’s roots develop differently, a hair root touchup is recommended every few weeks so the new hair gels well with the hair color. There is an exception with the grey color. You might have to visit the salon after three or four weeks to get the best permanent root touch-up for grey hair. Here, the timeline is shorter than root touchup hair color other than grey.

That’s all about root touch-ups and if you want to prolong the on-scalp life of your hair color, get it done today.