Coloring your hair is the best way to try a different look and add a difference to your personality. Global Hair color is the trending technique of coloring your hair where your hair is colored from the root to the tips in the same color. 

There are various reasons why global hair color is becoming increasingly popular among people of all age groups. It is a healthier version of hair dying than bleaching and highlights. Coloring your hair with a random color would do you no good.

Neither would it be nice to go around sporting colors that don’t suit you. This article will help you understand global hair coloring trends, global hair highlights, colors that suit you, and some recommendations and tips.

Here’s all you need to know before you sit on the salon chair after your appointment. 

The Basics of Global Hair Color

Global means coverage in its entirety. This hair coloring technique covers your hair from root to tip in the same color. It is widespread and trendy because of how amazing it looks, spicing up the ordinary look and covering up grey hair, providing uniformity in hair color.

Typically, during the process, hair color is put on your roots first and slowly moved to the tips. It takes about 2 to 3 hours, based on your hair length. Even if it seems like a lot of time and money to get this done by a professional, you should get it done in a salon.

There are cheaper alternatives that people tend to use at home, such as hair dye kits. These are readily available in any market. But these products are enriched with harmful substances that you should not put on your hair.

Even if you decide to do it the second time at home, you must extensively research the brands and their global hair coloring products’ ingredients. But before you even go for your hair coloring appointment or try it at home, you need to know which color will suit you.

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Global Hair Color

Global Hair Color

Hair Color For Indian Skin

Specific colors compliment your skin, while others may look weird. It is all based on color theory and your skin’s complexion. You might like a very light brown but would it suit you? As long as your hair color doesn’t compliment your skin tone or doesn’t help your eyes pop up, what’s the point?

Find these hues that compliment Indian skin tones:

hair color for indian skin


Subtle changes can also make a lot of difference. It is all about looking classy, and what is classier than a subtle hair color that looks natural? Mahogany as a hair color suits people who like natural shades. This is one of those hair colors that favors the Indian skin tone a lot, this is THE hair color for Indian skin. 


If you like looking warm and welcoming, cinnamon is a great color to go with it. It brings out the warmer tones of your complexion, making you look flattering and shiny in the summer sun. It is another hair color for Indian skin that goes really well with every fit.


People love to eat it, and we are sure you will love it as a hair color. Caramel-colored hair makes you look like a sun-bathed queen, especially if you have a little paler or wheatish skin tone; this hair color will highlight the lighter undertones and simultaneously make you look warmer. 


Brown eyes are so underrated. That is because they seem dull and sullen when the correct hair color does not complement them. Chestnut hair would be perfect if you want your brown eyes to pop and get noticed. This hair color for Indian skin makes your skin glow because of the complimentary hair. 


You have loved to eat honey. So, how would you like it if you looked like you had bathed in its sweetness? Honey-colored hair gives a slightly golden look and is close to making you a brunette. But the brown of this shade is so natural that it makes your hair look effortless.

There are no stringent rules on which color your hair should be. You should feel free to dye it your favorite color. But as long as fashion is alive, these are the hair colors for Indian skin tones. Other colors such as burgundy, strawberry red, and plum purple look beautiful on some people.

The basic principle is to know what your undertones are. Warm undertones look more enhanced and beautiful when complimented with warm colors, and cold undertones look more beautiful when complimented with cool color tones.

There are specific ways to find the exact shade of hair color that will suit you best. If you find the shade of your wrist’s complexion, you can tell the global hair color that will suit you.

Another important fact is that if you can see the green of your veins in the wrist, you have a cooler skin undertone. The presence of yellowness on your skin indicates that you have warmer undertones.

Again, based on the color of your eyes, you can tell your perfect shade. A brown or neutral shade would look good on you with warm eyes and a cooler skin tone.

global highlights

Techniques of Global Hair Color

Now that we have got to know which hair color will suit our Indian skin, the next question is, how do we do that? There are various techniques that we can use to get these done, some of these are:-


This is a technique of hair color global highlights which is much in trend nowadays. It is a freehand technique which gives you a natural, sun-kissed look. The hairstylist hand-paints the global highlights on your hair.

It does not concentrate on your full lengths but focuses on your mid-lengths and the ends which gives your hair a natural sun-bleached look. It gives you a seamless blend of colors. 


The ombre technique gives your hair a natural look with global highlights even if you decide to color your hair with a color that is not brown. It creates a gradual transition from your roots to the ends.

The color of your roots is darker and then it gradually changes and lightens when you reach the end. Therefore, you’re creating a look which is bold but you’re looking extremely stylish doing that, isn’t that what we want in life? 

Foil Highlights

You must have seen people on Instagram posting stories with their hair wrapped in foil, this is what they are going through, i.e., a bold transition. In this technique, different sections of your hair are wrapped in a foil sheet.

These sections have different chosen colors and in the end, it gives you a contrasted yet bold look to your hair. Different sections of your hair are in different colors but they are all set smoothly with these global highlights. 

Single process color

The redheads that you’ve seen around you, this is the technique that they use for their hair. In this technique, a single color is applied to your entire head. It is a very basic technique for global highlights that has a straightforward method.

Dip Dying

This is a technique where you create a contrast between your natural hair and the color that you have chosen to highlight your hair with. You basically dip your hair in the color by the ends. In this way, you can experiment with various colors without ruining your hair completely. 

Fantasy Colors

Fantasy colors are very you go all out for a bold look for your hair. These global highlights have pastels, neons, and metallic shades. All the shades that people are very afraid of. It gives you space for self-expression and creativity. 


This is the opposite of what global highlights are, these involve dying your hair with darker colors. Darker colors give hair volume and enhance the color and texture of your natural hair color. These also add dimensions to both solid hair color or grey hair color. 

Root Smudging

This is where the roots get involved. In this technique of global highlights, the root area is blended with the lengths. This obviously will create a seamless transition and the time between the salon visits will be reduced. This will create a smooth transition from the roots to the new hair color. 

Grey Blending

This technique of global highlights blends the grey hair with the natural hair or hair color that you’ve chosen for yourself. There are various techniques, how you can do this, you can add highlights or lowlights, these give you a more uniform and blended look.

It reduces the contrast between grey hair and the dyed hair. 


These are inspired by the natural hair color of babies. These global highlights are extremely fine and give you a sun-kissed look. They give you a subtle and soft transition from your monotonous hair. 

Aftercare Is The Master Key

Would you prefer it if you spent a ton of money and your color lasted longer? Who wouldn’t? With proper aftercare, you can achieve a long-lasting color.

Chemical treatments have many demerits, such as hair fall, allergies, weaker roots, etc.; the hair color doesn’t even stay that long and becomes a complete waste of money. This is why professional consultancy is essential.

Aftercare includes:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioning
  • Serum

In other words, the three-step routine must be religiously followed, among other precautions. You can only wash your hair after three days of the hair treatment. You will also have to use color-protect shampoos and conditioners.

For your shampoo choices we have got Kerastase Chroma Absolu – Bain Chroma Riche Respect shampoo. It is made for hair which is medium to thick.

This is perfect for your dyed hair, it gives your hair nourishment after dying it, gives it color protection, and of course, makes it soft and smooth. This is made exactly to suit your after treatment hair care needs.

hair coloring

Benefits Of Global Hair Color

If you’re attempting to hide grey hairs, global hair color can be helpful. Your hair is colored from root to tip, covering any grey tips and roots.

Global color is an excellent choice if you wish to change the shade of your natural hair color. When it comes to natural-looking hair, global hair color is again the winner. Since it is full coverage, people would assume the color to be your natural shade.

Global color is the most obvious solution if you end up with unpleasant highlights, as it would also cover that up. Global hair color also does not require bleaching, which prevents your hair from going through tons of chemical damage that it would otherwise go through.

Price Of Global Hair Color

Global hair color price differs based on the length of hair you are getting colored and the brand. The range usually lies somewhere between Rs. 3000 to 7000. And the introductory minimum price is at the starting point of Rs. 2800.

Wrapping it Up!

If you are looking for professional help, there are brand salons you can try. But there are always brands that make our lives easier with their products. Getting your hair colored by a professional for at least the first time is advisable before you start doing it at home.

There are a few frequently asked questions answered below:

Is it safe to get my hair colored?

Not every technique of hair coloring can be termed safe. When it comes to Global hair coloring, specific processes, such as bleaching, aren’t a part of it. This makes global hair coloring safer compared to other techniques. It is also a good thing that you can test it out in a professional environment.

How long would global hair color last? How can I make it last longer?

This depends on which color you have chosen to dye your hair. It would fade slowly if it is a more natural color, such as shades of brown and black. But vibrant colors such as red tend to fade a little faster. You can make global hair color last longer by using color-protect shampoos and protectant sprays, minimizing exposure to heat, and washing your hair a little less.

What happens if I apply oil after global hair color?

Nothing bad! Oiling your hair can be beneficial. But it is essential to not keep oil in your hair for too long and only do it before shampooing.