Keratin treatment is a smoothing procedure for the hair involving the application of a keratin-based product. The product penetrates the hair shaft and bonds with the fibers to form a protective layer that smooths and straightens the hair. The treatment typically lasts 30-35 washes, after which the keratin will naturally break down, and the hair will return to its natural state.

Keratin treatments improve hair’s overall health and appearance, making it smoother, shinier, and more manageable. In addition, they can tame frizz, reduce curls and waves, and make hair easier to style. The treatment process typically involves washing the hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any buildup, followed by applying the keratin product, which is left on the hair for a set amount of time before being rinsed out and dried.

What Is Hair Keratin Treatment?

Keratin Treatment is the talk of the town lately, but what is it and how is it done?

Keratin Treatment is done as a form of hair care, where you can get rid of the frizziness and dull hair. In this treatment, the keratin solution is applied to your hair and then locked in with heat exposure. It is a long-lasting solution to your hair problems, it lasts up to 3-5 weeks and has a lot of benefits like improving hair texture, reducing frizz, and making it more manageable. It applies to all kinds of hair, no matter if you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, if you go through this treatment, it gives you smooth, shiny, and sleek hair for a long time. 

Is Keratin On Hair Safe?

There has been controversy around the matter of the safety of keratin on hair. This is because this treatment uses Formaldehyde or they might use chemicals that release Formaldehyde is a dangerous chemical to be inhaled since it has toxic properties and is a colorless gas that has a pungent smell. It poses harmful effects on people who might inhale it. 

There are a lot of side effects to formaldehyde exposure which include irritation, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, nausea, etc. Some doctors also associate some kind of cancer with exposure to formaldehyde which is called leukemia but it is proven that to which level. 

Yes, some products do state that they are formaldehyde-free but they still contain other chemicals like methylene glycol, etc. The safe level of formaldehyde in a product is 0.2% but in most of the products used for Brazilian Keratin Treatment, it is more than that. 

Therefore, you should think wisely before trying this Keratin Hair Treatment, only if it is necessary should you think about getting it done.

Envi provides you with a luxurious indulgence with our Keratin Treatment. Each lock is seamlessly coated with a specially created keratin-designed solution. This will bring back the shine, smoothness, and strength of your hair. With professionals always there to help, they create a solution suitable for your exact hair type.

Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment

Is keratin a safe option for everyone?

Keratin treatments are generally safe and suitable for most hair types. However, those with fine, delicate hair may want to avoid the treatment or speak with a stylist about alternative smoothing options. It’s also important to note that the treatment process can be time-consuming and may require a significant amount of heat to activate the keratin properly. Also, the keratin treatment cost is another determinant for choosing the salon.

Keratin hair treatment improves texture, transforming frizzy hair into smooth locks. So, if you are mad about the shiny hair that models and actresses have in movies, then keratin is your way to it, as it adds luster to your hair. It would also reduce your styling time since it is knot-free and smooth, giving a salon-styled look for months.

Keratin treatments can achieve smoother, straighter, and more manageable hair. If you are willing to invest some extra care and effort in your hair like choosing the right shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products to maintain the results of keratin treatment for a prolonged period, go for this treatment that adds smoothness and shine to your tresses.

Still, it’s important to consider your specific hair type, lifestyle, and styling goals before undergoing the treatment. Also, there are some products available in the market that will protect your keratine treatment hair from weather and harsh sun, if I pick one product for you then it will be Kérastase’s Discipline Maskeratine Mask.

Kérastase’s Discipline Maskeratine Mask provides you with the moisture your hair is lacking. It is made for hair that is thick and frizzy. With the power of  Morpho-Kératine Complex, this mak is a true game changer. It transforms your unruly and rough into smooth, silky, and manageable hair. This is the key for you to achieve your dream hair look.

How Does Envi Salon Do Keratin Treatment?

Envi Salon provides six keratin treatments, from Protein Treatment for fringe to protein hair spa for different hair lengths, and has keratin treatment cost. The basic process of keratin treatment typically involves the following steps:

  1. Hair washing: The first step is to your hair wash with a purifying shampoo to remove any buildup of styling products and ensure that the hair is fully clean and oil-free.
  2. Preparation: The hair is then dried until it’s damp, and sections are combed through to ensure the even distribution of the keratin product.
  3. Application: The keratin product is applied to the hair, starting at the roots and working toward the ends. The product is carefully massaged into the hair to ensure full coverage and absorption.
  4. Processing time: After the keratin product has been applied, the hair is left to process for a set amount of time, usually around 45-60 minutes. This allows the product to penetrate the hair shaft and bond with the fibers.
  5. Blow drying and flat ironing: Once the processing time is complete, the hair is blow-dried and flat ironed at high heat to activate the keratin and seal it into the hair. The flat ironing process is done in small sections, working from the roots to the ends to ensure that the hair is fully straightened and smoothed

Since Keratin protein hair treatment is used to get the desired hair, it is important to be able to maintain it as well.

5 Hair Care Tips for Post-Keratin Treatment

Here are five tips for maintaining healthy hair after a keratin treatment:

  1. Avoid washing for a few days: After a keratin treatment, it’s best to avoid washing your hair for at least 1-2 days. This allows the keratin to penetrate and bond with the hair fibers fully and prevents the treatment from washing out.
  2. Use sulfate-free shampoo: To extend the life of the treatment and keep hair smooth and sleek, it’s important to use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are cleaning agents that can strip the keratin treatment and reduce the longevity of the product.
  3. Avoid heat styling: Avoid heat exposure, such as blow drying and flat ironing, as much as possible after a keratin treatment. If you need to style your hair with heat, use a heat-protectant spray to help shield the hair from damage.
  4. Keep hair protected: Wear a hat or scarf when going out in the sun, and tie your hair back when swimming to prevent UV rays and chlorine damage.
  5. Maintain regular trims: Regular trims are important to maintain healthy hair, especially after a keratin treatment. This helps to remove split ends and keep hair looking its best.

Keratin Hair Treatment Price

The keratin treatment cost varies depending on length, texture, and hair volume. Also, the brand and product used for the treatment at different salons affect the price. It is usually less for short hair and more for longer hair.

Below are the price range ideas of the Keratin Protein Treatment provided at Envi Salon (prices may vary) in Mumbai.

Keratin Protein Treatment (Fringe)Rs. 2,750 (120 min)
Keratin Protein Treatment (M)Rs. 2,750 (50 min)
Keratin Protein Treatment (short)Rs. 6,600 (150 min)
Keratin Protein Treatment (medium)Rs. 8,250 (180 min)
Keratin Protein Treatment (long)Rs. 9,350 (210 min)
Keratin Protein Treatment (extra longRs. 11,000 (240 min)

This list of the keratin treatment costs will help you understand our services more and will be insightful for choosing your customized treatment plan.


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