Dandruff is one of the top hair problems that a lot of us go through. It is also one of the many reasons black clothes are not everyone’s cup of tea. 

The dandruff scalp treatment is getting increasingly popular because of its effectiveness. Do you want to see a day where you don’t have to swat away dandruff from your clothes? That can only happen with this treatment.

Busting Myths Of Anti-Dandruff Treatment Salon

It is hard to believe that salon-provided anti-dandruff treatments would work or be effective. But here is the fact!

They are more effective than the various hair products, oils, shampoos, etc., used. In reality, an anti-dandruff scalp treatment goes a long way in solving your problem. 

Even though it is not an overnight success story, dandruff treatment requires a little regularity and time. These treatments prove to have a 70 percent efficacy in dandruff reduction within the first treatment. 

It is also important to note that it isn’t enough to get dandruff treatment done. You also have to be religious about the post-treatment precautions and care. So, yes, it takes an effort from your side too.

But the result of a dandruff-free scalp is a fantastic experience. 

Why Do You Have Dandruff?

There are multiple reasons why dandruff appears on your scalp. It is wrongly assumed that it is because of the dry skin of the scalp. Mainly, dandruff is caused due to fungus that inhabits your scalp. This yeast-like fungus is called Malassezia. 

Interestingly, Malassezia loves to eat the oil produced by your scalp. Once fed, it produces a by-product called oleic acid. 

This makes your body’s speed of renewal of cells faster, and there is dead skin, and thus a flaky scalp. 

Why Do You Need An Anti-Dandruff Treatment? 

On an everyday basis, dandruff is a menace. Constant itching, dry, flaky scalp, irritation, and hair fall.

The presence of dandruff is not directly related to hair loss, but it can still be a leading factor. The constant irritation makes you want to itch your scalp till it turns red. This causes inflammation which can lead to breakage in the hair follicle. 

This doesn’t just lead to hair fall but also thinning of hair and weakening. 

Scalp And Anti-Dandruff Treatment

It is essential to understand that dandruff will not leave your side for the rest of your life if you don’t treat it at the root. The root being the scalp, anti-dandruff and scalp treatment would make a difference. 

Scalp treatment provides much-needed exfoliation to the scalp and removes the dead itchy skin layer. Once you have healthier skin, you need a little more work on your scalp. Anti-dandruff shampoo and leave-in conditioner help lubricate the skin, moisturize it, and promote hair growth.  Everyone deserves healthy hair, which is why Envi provides the anti-dandruff treatment. The treatment takes place for a certain period following the dandruff problem. Their in-salon dandruff scalp treatment process requires the use of pyrithione zinc-based products. These products help get rid of dandruff and promote faster hair growth as well.