Although hair care might appear to be a Herculean task, there are many modern-day solutions like Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment that many prefer and recommend in this fast-paced world.

You might have heard about the brand before!

Kerastase, the world’s leading haircare brand, brings innovations and scientific technology to hair treatment. 

As a leading brand, Kérastase understands the significance of hair diagnosis and the consultation process before deciding on the treatment. The brand works in sync with your hair requirements because your hair texture is unique, just like your personality. 

All over the world, hairdressers are using this magical treatment to provide nourished and radiant hair. 

Why You Need Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment?

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Who doesn’t love to own voluminous, shiny hair and flaunt trendy hairstyles? Healthy hair reflects your personality and enhances your confidence. 

Your hair encounters a lot of pollution, chemicals, and bad weather days that make them dry and rough. So, how to boost your hair’s healthy growth?

Kerastase has decided to pamper you with a unique reconstructive treatment that takes care of all hair types, giving you relief from the traditional hair products. 

Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment is the transformation of hair to another level. With a hair analysis by a trained Kerastase professional, the treatment deals with two hair concerns simultaneously pin them down at one go. 

Isn’t it so convenient to accommodate your busy schedules? Honestly, who has the time to visit a salon again and again!!

Most of you will agree that you should not trust any product or stylist just like that for hair treatment. It is essential to first understand the specifics before opting for any hair treatment. 

What Is Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment?

Every individual requires a unique hair care regime. For example, some have dry hair while some have oily, therefore why a common treatment for diverse needs. This is the reason why Kerastase Fusio Dose treatment is unique and magical! It is specifically made for each individual, giving a tailor-made solution to specific needs.

Customised Treatment

Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment is a customized treatment with powerful ingredients for your hair’s distinctive needs. It is not very time taking once an expert diagnoses the needs of your hair. S/He will check your hair and scalp first and then discuss with you the appropriate treatment. 

You will be experiencing an in-salon treatment that reconstructs your hair’s inner fiber structure leaving your hair illuminated, soft, tangle-free, and moisturized. 

The Product’s Mix: Booster and Concentrate Blend 

There are many hair treatments available, but how to choose one for yourself? What works for one might not work for the other, so it’s important to understand the needs of your hair first and then decide the best products for it. 

The pairings and combinations of the product make it an ‘in-salon only’ treatment as you need professionals to pick and choose the correct mix. You will not find any other hair care treatment this specific.

After a thorough evaluation of your hair’s condition, strength, styling habits, etc., the trained professionals recommend and modify the formula each time to suit your hair needs. S/he will give you the ideal fusio-dose mix to take care of your hair’s primary and secondary needs. 

How Many Mixes Are Possible With Kerastase Fusio-dose?

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The hairdresser will pick a strand of hair, stretch it, and release it. If it breaks, then the hair will be diagnosed as weak. So, one of the needs diagnosed would be ‘boosting hair elasticity.’

Concentrates and boosters in test tubes and tiny glass bottles come together to enhance the quality and texture of your hair. Currently, about 36 possible mixes cater to diverse hair needs. 

What Is The Difference Between The Booster Vs. Concentre?

For the non-expert, it might be confusing what a concentrate is and what exactly a booster is. 

Well, to put it simply, concentrate takes care of multiple needs, and every concentrate has one powerful ingredient in a reduced form. Your hairdresser will identify your hair needs and will choose the concentrate. As the name suggests, a booster boosts an existing regime or maximizes a diminished condition of your hair.

Perfect Recipe For All Hair Concerns

Although there are trained professionals to feed your requirements, we can have a brief description for getting an overview of the product. The Kerastase Fusio Dose treatment gives your hairdresser the option to choose from any of the 5 boosters to custom-design the best treatment for your hair.

  • Booster Brilliance (for abundant shine)
  • Booster Reconstruction (for abundant strength)
  • Booster Nutrition (for abundant nutrition)
  • Booster Cicafibre (for abundant hydration)
  • Booster Genesis (for weakened hair, prone to breakage from brushing)
  • Booster Discipline (for anti-frizz and manageability)

There are 6 incredible concentrés for the hairdresser to pick from:

  • Concentré Vita-Ciment,
  •  Concentré Oléo-Fusion,
  •  Concentré Densité,
  •  Concentré Ampli-Force,
  •  Concentré Pixelist.
  • There’s a new addition Concentré Blond UV that contains instant brassiness properties for bleached or highlighted hair.

The significant part here is that before the treatment, your hair’s and scalp’s condition is diagnosed first, and areas of concern are discussed with you. It makes the treatment a partnership between you and your stylist. 

The five different boosters are mixed with the concentrates- five powerful active ingredients, presenting numerous combinations for a custom-designed treatment to transform your hair instantly. Since the boosters are made of extremely active ingredients, combining them just before the ritual allows for the best results.

Who Needs Kerastase Fusio – Dose Treatment?

  • Does your hair feel lifeless? 
  • Were you looking for a fast fix for dry and damaged hair? 
  • Do you want to have a fuller and thicker hair texture but don’t have the time to sit for hours? And if you want your hair to look healthy, then you need this treatment.

Without further ado, you must book Fusio Dose Treatment by Kerastase now from

Can The Kerastase Fusio Dose Be Done At Home?

No, the express procedure is exclusively an in-salon ritual. It involves a one-step application of the right mix by a trained professional using a specific massage technique that stimulates the hair and scalp. 

Get your hair analyzed for hair and scalp issues for a perfect customized Fusio Dose treatment by Kerastase. There is so much talk about hair analysis and diagnosis that some of you must wonder what the procedure is and what exactly is checked.

To make it simpler, let’s take an example and look at the following diagnosis:

Elasticity Test

It’s not time taking at all, and you can even combine it with any other parlor service. 

The best part is once the mix is sprayed upon your hair, there is no leave-in time; straight away, after 5 minutes, the hair is rinsed, transforming it into a soft and hydrated state. Now try the comb test and find your hair more radiant and nourished. The transformation is so visible that you will glow with a smile!

How Long Does The Fusio-dose Treatment Last?

The hair treatment lasts for approx. 5 washes curing all your hair and scalp issues, and if you follow the Kerastase after-care ritual at home, it lasts approx. up to 20 washes making the entire treatment quite economical, saving your money and time both.

Wave Your Hair Around! It’s The Only Crown You Never Take Off!

Have you ever seen the stars waving their radiant hair on the red carpet? Ever wanted to do that yourself? Well, the magical Fusio-Dose treatment by Kerastase will fulfill your desire by illuminating your hair and helping you to leave an impression on all. 

The treatment is quick and easy. So even if you are in a hurry, you can get it done, and remember, the more, the merrier! 

Experience the care and luxury with Envi’s Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment. With professionals by your side, get your voluminous and shiny hair back. Your hair care before the treatment will be taken care of with the professionals advising you as per your hair type. They will make you understand the concerns of your hair and eventually take an informed decision for better health of your hair.

How Often Can One Do Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment?

It has been proven that Kerastase Fusio Dose treatmentwhen done regularly, improves the hair texture in due course. You can go for this treatment during each visit to the salon. It’s an exclusive salon service and cannot be done at home as you need professional guidance to choose the exact mix for your hair. 

Due to its lightweight concentrated texture, it quickly gets absorbed in the hair and treats hair inside out. 

Fusio-dose treatment by Kerastase maintains the hair’s hydration restoring its health and vigor, making it bouncier and shinier. This ritual gives your hair a treat with an extra dose of vitamins and nourishment. The treatment will make your hair feel cared for and healthy.

How Much Does Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatment Cost?

You might be thinking the treatment sounds good, but will you be able to afford it regularly?

The whole treatment is quite affordable and will approximately cost you around INR 1200/- to 1600/- 

If you want to have this magical Fusio Dose Treatment by Kerastase and don’t believe in spending on expensive traditional products, the treatment is just the perfect solution for you and your hair!

 A highly personalized Fusio-Dose in-salon treatment by Kérastase offers various hair care combinations. Depending upon what your hair needs, there’s a combination to deal with, which will instantly revive your hair from the effects of environmental, chemical, and daily life stresses.

So, what’s the wait for? Go ahead and experience the transformation! Book your appointment today.