Perming means creating permanent curls that can be achieved thermally or chemically. The process of hair perming includes injecting chemicals into hair strands to alter their structure, add texture, and produce waves and curls of varying intensities.

Thermal perms are heat-activated perms that often need a steady external high-heat source. Whatever style you like, perms can be tailored to fit. This brings us to the types of perms. Back then, girls were more likely to sport the perm hairdo. But today, men of all ages accept the curly hair lifestyle. Thus, perm-hair men are a trend too. 

Types Of Perms

Hair perming

One may choose from the several perm hair types, some of which are discussed here:

  • Spiral perm: Classic perms from the 1980s had tight curls that resembled spirals and were easily recognizable. This is the choice if you genuinely want to take the risk and go with huge, obviously permed hair.
  • Pin curl perm: Giant hairpins were used in the pin-curl perm method to impart statement waves to a length of hair. 
  • Root perm: As the name implies, root perms solely focus on the roots of the hair rather than the overall structure. Silicone rollers lift the hair after a perming treatment is applied to the first inch of the roots. 
  • Spot perm: Spot perms are made on just one portion of hair, such as the ends, the area around the temples, or even the bangs. 

The hair perm cost varies as per hair length and the type of perms you are going for. Envi Salon provides premium quality perming services. You can get in touch with us to know the details and book your slot accordingly!

Tips And Tricks To Care For Perms

Here are some of the tips related to permed hair:

  • Wait at least two days after getting a perm before washing your hair
  • In the first 24 hours, refrain from combing your hair
  • Before and following a perming session, wait two weeks before coloring your hair
  • Moisturize often and thoroughly
  • Before shampooing your hair, avoid wearing it in a ponytail

Frequently Asked Question

Is perming good for hair?

Perming gives your hair a trendy look. The invention of new thermal techniques and chemicals to perm hair does not harm the hair significantly. A hair perm is economical, so make sure a professional handle it; at-home perms are a big no-no. 

How long does a hair perm last?

The length of your hair significantly impacts how long permed hair lasts. Your perms will last at least three to four months if you frequently get trims and like to wear short hair. You can extend the life of your perm by wearing your hair long, though. The bottom curly area preserves the volume and texture of the hair as new roots begin to flatten the top. You can extend the life of your perm for long hair by 6 to 8 months.

How can I permanently perm my hair?

The physical act of wrapping the hair and the chemical process makes up a perm. Both have an impact on the outcome. The type of rod used, how the hair is wrapped, and how endpapers are used are all significant physical factors. Straight and concave rods are the two most popular varieties, and each produces a different curl effect. There are two types of wrapping: spiral and croquinole. Perm hair, if appropriately maintained, lasts quite long.