The hair crimping trend is reviving itself and making a comeback in the hairstyling and fashion industry after the 80s and 90s heyday. From celebrities like Beyonce to Ariana Grande to ordinary people, hair crimping is taking center stage at events and get-togethers. By using the crimping iron, a zigzag-wavy look is created that resembles a soft wavy character.

What Is Hair Crimping? 

Hair crimping is a technique for styling typically straight, long hair to make it wavy, frequently in a sawtooth or zig-zag fashion. Crimping is unquestionably a look to make a statement. 

Here are some tips and tricks to look forward to while crimping: 

  • Always begin with a hair wash. This ensures that no oil or gunk remains in the hair. 
  • Before treating your hair, it is crucial to prepare it. Use a heat-protectant spray first to shield the surface from harm and speed up the drying process. Follow up with a texturizing spray or cream to give your mane a thick finish.
  • Because crimping looks best on straightened hair, you should use a blow dryer and bristle brush to make your hair look straighter than it is.
  • Divide your hair into sections using clips. Use tight clips to keep the hair in place. 
  • There are a few different crimper varieties available. For example, a zig-zag tool will produce wider crimps with a geometric and contemporary appearance. On the other hand, conventional crimpers will give you kinky crimps that are reminiscent of the 1980s. 
  • Sandwich your hair between the rods for a few seconds. Do not keep it for long, as it will burn the hair.
  • In the end, use a hair spray. 

Without a doubt, hair crimping is best done at a salon.

Why? Because the salon experts have all the tools and expertise to handle the art of hair crimping for any type of hair texture.  

Crimping Hairstyle

You can also create an extensive set of hairstyles with crimped hair. Here are some top hairstyles with crimped hair that are in fashion. 

  • Middle Partition: Parting your hair down the middle and leaving it free is the most popular and current way to wear it crimped.
  • Low ponytails: Crimped sections are a simple and stylish way to add volume and flair to low ponytail hairstyles.
  • Braids: What better method to improve your standard braid than to incorporate some crimps? Crimped hair is done on freshly washed, precisely treated hair, making it a fantastic base to style several braids on. A truly beautiful hairdo with thick braids and lots of texture!
  • Crimped sections: Choose a few areas that easily transition into straighter sections if you don’t want your entire head made up of large, crimped chunks. If you want a more understated appearance, you can also start at the mid-lengths rather than the top.
  • Crimped patch: Some people go for a patch of crimped hair on their mane. 

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