The world has evolved and is evolving indeed. Be it infrastructure, quality of life, and knowledge; it is growing exponentially. But with this progress comes some downsides. With exponential progress comes the scare of pollution, coupled with a long list of diseases and skin & hair issues. It affects the lungs and leads to many respiratory diseases. But not just internal conditions, it also affects external features like your hair, skin, and other external elements. This leads to the high demand for skincare and hair care products. While face masks are hype in the market, hair masks still need recognition.

What are hair masks?

Hair masks, just like face masks, are nourishing materials made for replenishing your hair with all the required nourishment. Hair masks are like intense conditioners that cover your hair and make it stronger and better.

How useful are hair masks?

Hair masks help fight dry, frizzy, heat damaged hair and aging hair and replenishes it with rich ingredients to nourish your hair. You might get confused between a hair conditioner and a hair mask! But the difference is subtle.
A hair conditioner is just that- a hair conditioner. At the same time, a hair mask is not only a hair conditioner but also a much deeper treatment. It goes deep inside your hair and hydrates it for a longer freshness to your hair.

What to choose?

The world of haircare has a myriad of options to choose from. It becomes confusing to choose from the options available. We would recommend going for Kerastase Hair Masque, as they have a vibrant line of hair masks, each one made with a particular type of hair in mind.

Coloured Hair

Those bold enough to choose hair dying to know what an ordeal it is. Every time you shampoo, the color keeps fading; even long exposures to direct sunlight could lead to fading. To prevent this or even cure damaged colored hair, choose Kerastase Chroma Absolu Masque – its rich, anti-porous, and deep filling properties help lock in color and hydrate the hair for a fresh, long-lasting look.

Ageing Hair

No one can prevent aging. But there is always an option to extend the life of your scalp and make your hair look younger. And one such option is to use Kerastase Chronologiste Masque for treating the aging scalp.

Its unique infusion of hyaluronic acid, abyssine, and Vitamin E helps fight old scars and provides intense hydration, more strong hair roots, frizz control, and up to six times more shine to your hair.

Curly hair

Who doesn’t love curly hair? But taking care of curly hair is an ordeal in itself. Regular shampoos don’t do enough. The rich formula could lead to loss of curls and more damage to your hair.
Kerastase Curl Manifesto masque is made uniquely for curly hair. It instantly nourishes the roots, gives a lasting shine, and helps maintain the curls while detangling the knots. Being lightweight, it helps keep the curls in shape.

Thin hair

A less dense head looks like a person is going through a balding phase. Kerastase Masque Densite Masque provides plumpness to hair by regenerating hair from root to tip. Its active ingredients give comprehensive treatment to your hair.

Brittle hair

Brittle hair is something no one wishes upon their worst enemy. Hair breakage on even a simple touch is devastating. But there is a solution to this – Kerastase Masque Extensioniste. Kerastase Masque Extensioniste intensely nourishes the cuticles, restores hair fiber density, and reinforces hair to prevent the risk of hair breakage. The main focus of this product is on the regeneration of ends. Kerastase Masque Extensioniste fortify the ends and help in reaching new hair lengths.

Winding up

These were our recommendations. But keep in mind that each hair is different, and finding your fit is of the utmost importance. Else you might end up doing more harm than good for your hair.
After all, your hair is an ornament. Maintain your tresses very carefully.