If your hair and makeup are on point, you are bound to have a good day. The value of having strong and beautiful hair is beyond measure. To give clients the best haircuts and styles that complement their facial shapes and personalities, Envi Salon has the best team at work. We provide an array of styles and treatments to choose from. 

Hair Care Services At The Best Salon In Mohali: Envi Salon

Hair Salon

We cover everything from adding glitter extensions to your hair to removing split ends.

Here is the wide spectrum of services you’ll get at our salon:

  • Hair styling

Envi Salon’s selection of styles will add a touch of glamour to your look. Now, experiment with a new hairdo for any occasion. Variations are available, from blow drying to crimping to ironing. Book a slot to achieve a sleek, frizz-free, and stylish hairstyle. The cost will depend on the type of style and length of your hair. 

  • Hair treatment

It is time to say goodbye to the broken hair. The rightly curated treatment for hair breakage includes the following: French glossing treatment, intense bond repair treatment, Olaplex ritual, keratin spa, and Olaplex hair spa

  • Hair Color

Add glamour to your hair with the different hair coloring services available. There are countless possibilities when using creative colors. Whether the outcome is a subtle or bold splash of color- Envi Salon offers global services for mustaches, sideburns, beard color, global pre-lighting, global INOA, and whatnot. 

  • Hair texture

The texture services offered by Envi Salon can calm or stimulate your hair. They can tailor Cysteine Complex Intense Smoothening, Keratin Treatment Plus, and Keratin Protein Treatment to shorten your home style time. Hair texture services might be essential to achieving the perfect look because your style is more than just your hair.

  • Hair extensions

The potential for inventiveness when using extensions is limitless. Glitter strands and natural hair extensions are available at the best salon in Mohali to give your hair glitz.

In addition, they offer top-notch, hygienic, and affordable nail, skin, and makeup services. 

An Ambiance That Amuses And Amazes You

Every element of Envi Salon has been carefully considered, emphasizing contemporary style, comfort, and design. Every aspect creates a distinct tone for an atmosphere that provides a pleasing, calming, and holistic experience to Envi Salon’s clientele, from the treated, custom-colored floors to the fine artwork adorning the walls. Indeed, it is the best salon in Mohali