Kerastase is a hair product manufacturing brand, unlike others. It does not just leave the customers with their products. It is a whole new world of hair care regime. Kerastase offers a deep in-salon ritual that, combined with regular usage of their homecare hair products, one would have a total hair transformation from lifeless hair to beautiful dense hair in just 90 days!

And these rituals are not for the faint-hearted. They come with a bunch of choices. Choose the one you find yourself the most comfortable fit with. Mind you, once you pamper your hair with the luxurious taste of Kerastase, you are not going back to your standard ritual! These are simply the best. And worry not, your hairdresser will be there to assist you in selecting which one of these four rituals fits your requirement the best.

1) Kerastase VIP Rituals

The ultimate hair experience, as anyone would call it. The Kerastase VIP ritual is the Burj al-Arab of hair rituals. It has four types of experiences to choose from:

  • Chronologiste Caviar Ritual

A ritual lasting about 90 minutes wherein a signature blend of mimetic caviar pearls mixed with the mask is applied to your hair and treated from roots to ends, leaving them well-toned, repaired, and full of volume, each strand silky and flowing like liquid gold!

  • Ultimate Bespoke Hair & Scalp Ritual

The ritual matches its namesake. It is curated to the customer’s needs. It not only has an in-depth camera diagnosis and the usual hair care but also an aromatherapy massage curated to your needs! This is followed by deep scalp care, leaving the scalp regenerated and soothed and giving your hair an ultimate transformation.

  • Bond and Fibre Strengthener ritual

A complete treatment from root to tip. This ritual helps seal the cuticles, strengthens hair’s internal structure, and leaves you with lush, thick, and perfect hair. Get up to 99% less breakage, and up to 78% reduced split ends in just one visit with this phenomenal ritual.

2) Kerastase Experience Ritual

As a tailor-made, quick & result-oriented ritual, the Kerastase experience ritual is a fantastic episode for a hair treatment that leaves them ultra-soft and shiny. A customized Fusio Dose with Masque layering (a caring massage gesture) is applied that treats and leaves your tresses healthy, nourished, and more beautiful. Not only your hair feels pampered, but also the scalp experiences a rejuvenating effect with this hair and scalp serum.

3) Kerastase Express Ritual

As the name suggests, Kerastase express ritual gives a comprehensive hair treatment in 45 minutes. From diagnosis, hair washes, and hair treatment with a customized fusio dose and masque layering in 45 minutes, leaving the hair transformed inside and a shiny, soft, glossy glow outside. In the world of 20-20 and ready-to-eats, express is what people want, and the Kerastase express ritual gives you precisely that! Come in, sit down, and in 45 minutes, get your Kerastase express ritual and transform your hair.

4) Kerastase Scalp Rituals

People often forget to take care of their scalp, which is the root of all the hair problems – pun intended! But do not worry; Kerastase takes scalp treatment very seriously. 

If opting for a scalp treatment, you would get a three-step solution to four major scalp problems: dandruff, scalp sensitivity, hair loss, and oily scalp. The four horseback riders of all hair problems. Each of these issues is tackled with a micro application of Kerastase scalp treatment using a micronized, giving an unparalleled performance. Place this micronized in the hands of a professional, and you have the perfect scalp for months to come!

What to do beyond Salon?

The hair care journey doesn’t end at the salon. Your hair requires care even at home.

Follow a few simple steps and find your good hair day every day.

The first thing to remember is not to wash your hair every day. Hair wash is a ritual, and it must be followed in a particular manner.

Slapping a shampoo on your palm and vigorously rubbing it on your hair doesn’t cut it. Depending on your hair quality, you need to set a day for shampooing your hair, probably twice or thrice a week.

Wet your hair, use a shampoo made for your hair, gently massage the scalp, go down to your roots, and massage for a few minutes. Wash the hair, followed by conditioner. Once done, dab your hair dry, apply a

serum to your strands, and gently comb it.

Use lukewarm or cold water for washing hair to prevent dryness. Adhere to this ritual rigorously and get the perfect hair every day.

Tame your Mane

Kerastase has dedicated its line to the best hair care – in and out of the salon, indulge your hair in the luxury of Kerastase and leave your hair problems behind!