Are the winters drying your hair too much and removing all the gloss? Here is our product of the month that will nourish your hair and keep its luster intact. Loreal Professional Absolut Repair Lipidium Shampoo is suitable for all porosities and rejuvenates damaged hair. It strengthens the weak hair follicles.

Loreal Absolut Repair Shampoo is cruelty-free and contains no sulfites. Thus, it is easy on your scalp.

You do not need to struggle with dry and damaged hair when the Loreal Professional Absolut Repair Lipidium Shampoo is in your bathroom cabinet. It works magically on the hair, and with continued usage, it shows great results.

Key ingredients:

The following are the active ingredients used in this hero product of the month

  • Ceramides: This is an active ingredient in Loreal Absolut Repair Shampoo. It repairs damaged hair. To safeguard and strengthen hair, it aids in the formation of a protective film surrounding the hair fibers and scalp skin. It seals in moisture, keeping hair hydrated, and is a tried and tested hair conditioner.
  • Glycerine: Dryness- or dandruff-related itching can be treated using glycerin’s antimicrobial capabilities. It aids in keeping the scalp moist. Dry hair is prone to split ends. Glycerine thus prevents the growth of split ends by keeping the scalp hydrated.
  • Panthenol: Due to its ability to smooth hair shaft flaws, panthenol is especially beneficial for hair with a harsh texture. It also prevents hair thinning and acts as an anti-inflammatory product. Panthenol can also help regulate the moisture content of hair to promote condition and suppleness.
  • Sodium benzoate: It has antimicrobial properties and comes with no side effects. It acts as a preservative.
  • Cetearyl alcohol: It benefits the hair and scalp in several ways. Cetearyl alcohol is a moisturizer, hydrator, and smoothing agent. It softens the hair to facilitate sliding and detangling.
  • Dicetyldimonium chloride: Another active ingredient in Loreal Absolut Repair Shampoo, dicetyldimonium chloride is an emulsifier in hair care products. While nourishing the hair, it also has antistatic properties. It offers hair a soft feel, keeps flyaways at bay, and improves their manageability, tangle-freeness, and compatibility in wet and dry conditions.
  • Cetrimonium chloride: It improves hair conditioning and prevents the growth of bacteria.

The list of benefits doesn’t end with this clinically tested shampoo. This shampoo does everything from bolstering the hair follicles to retaining moisture

What do customers think about it?

The Loreal Absolut Repair Shampoo is loved by the customers, as is proven by its high ratings on the website. It is inexpensive and uses effective ingredients to repair damaged or weakened hair.

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Do not let the pollution harm your hair. Have voluminous and glossy hair with Loreal Absolut Repair Shampoo. It has no side effects and does not absorb the natural oils present in hair.

You can use it as and when needed with no-damage assurance for your hair. It is safe for all, including those who have had their hair colored. Buy now before the stock is over!