Hair care is one of the leading activities of self-love and care. Olaplex treatment ensures that your hair gets all the love and care it needs.

What is Olaplex treatment?

Olaplex is a hair treatment and remedy method that helps your highly damaged hair transform into healthier and stronger ones.

This new hair treatment has been the talk of the town because of its effectiveness. The Olaplex hair treatment consists of three steps that help repair hair damage. It rebuilds the disulphide bonds damaged and broken down due to chemical and heat damage done to your hair. Professionals across the globe are recommending Olaplex treatment for its efficacy and hair growth promotion.

The Olaplex Hair Care Ritual In-Salon Steps

Hair stylists and salon professionals follow these steps in-salon when you book yourself an Olaplex treatment with them:

Olaplex No.1

Professionals use Olaplex No. 1, which is a bond multiplier. It can be a standalone treatment and can also be added along with your color and chemical services. This is mixed into the product applied to your hair.

Olaplex No. 2

This is the bond perfector. First, they clean out Olaplex no. 1 or the product in which it is added from your hair and then apply Olaplex no. 2 during the backwash. After leaving it on for 20 minutes, the hair is rewashed.

The Olaplex Treatment Routine for Home

There are various home-care kits available for Olaplex Treatments:

Olaplex Hair Rescue Kit

The Olaplex hair rescue kit comes with No. 0 (intensive bond builder), No. 3 (hair perfector), No. 4 (shampoo), and No. 5 (conditioner). The kit is prepared with the aim of protecting your hair from environmental damage, heat damage, and chemical damage.

The kit encompasses these different products to protect your hair from damage and reverse the damage so you can have stronger hair.

Olaplex Smooth and Shine Kit

The Olaplex smooth and shine kit consists of No. 3 (hair perfector), No. 6 (bond smoother), and No. 7 (bonding oil). The presence of smoothing agents in the bond makes it smoother, and the shine spray in the oil helps your hair reverse damage and make follicles shinier and smoother.

The products are paired together as they work well for frizzy and damaged hair.

Olaplex Hair Care Festive Kit

The Olaplex Hair Care Festive Kit consists of No. 4 (shampoo), No. 5 (conditioner), and No. 6 (bond smoother). The kit works well for all hair types and helps maintain your hair and not let it get damaged again.

This kit is a highly well-crafted gift for yourself for others, especially in the festive season when your hair needs to shine bright.


Olaplex Hair treatment saves the day! Hair damage is inevitable. And it shouldn’t be a reason for you not to color your hair every color you like or get a makeover of your choice. This is why Olaplex Hair Treatment will become your go-to hair care ritual.

With Olaplex hair treatment solutions and products, your hair care becomes more accessible and faster. At-home hair care products help maintain your hair’s health in home comfort. However, contact the hair care professional for in-salon treatment with the correct information and expertise in hair handling.