Finding a night cream at the bedside is not a novelty these days. And it is an outstanding practice. Sleep is the best method to repair your body, both internally and externally. It may sound surprising, but a good night’s sleep can do wonders for skin nourishment. Top that with some cream, and your skin is good to go for the next day! But did you know that your hair needs this nourishment too? Yes, you heard (actually, you have read) it right.

Hair nourishment is a necessity too! And fret not, there are hair serums available for this too.

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Experience The Magic!

Kerastase Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum lives true to its name. It works magic. Kerastase night serum is an intensive overnight hair treatment that leaves each of your strands smooth and silky by the morning. Just apply it before bed and enjoy the feeling of running your fingers down your hair all day long! While you sleep, its unique formula of Vitamin B complex and Iris root extract repairs and nourishes your hair for a complete restoration!

Remember, this is an 8-hour treatment (take the hint! Sleep for 8 hours), during which the serum deeply penetrates every strand to its very core and replenishes the nutrient and moisture lost during the day. But if this was not it, they have one more trick in their pocket; the hydrating serum prevents hair fall due to friction. Say goodbye to the stray strands on your pillows now!


Kerastase night serum is just like your traditional hair oil, only better. Just apply it to your hair (make sure not to miss those endings) and forget about it! No need to even rinse your hair in the morning! Just make sure that it is applied evenly all over the length of your hair. Do not worry about overapplication, but do not be stingy in using it. This product needs both adequate time and adequate quantity to work wonders.

Our Two Cents

The product is a miracle. There is just nothing like it. No follow-up hair wash or worry over finding your head a sticky mess in the office the next day. With minimal effort, produce the best results for your hair. The lightweight, creamy formula blends into your hair, leaving it residue-free and excellent quality. Plus, waking up to a fresh fragrance and renewed hair feels like the actual start to your day!

This hair care serum helps to calm your nerves in the night so you get a relaxed good night sleep. What more can a bottle of hair care serum do for you!!

Buy Kerastase Night Serum, experience the magic!!