Gone is the era when our mothers and grandmothers used to take care of our hair with homemade remedies/formulas prepared with lots of effort and ingredients. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world, most of us don’t have time to devote to a dedicated routine of preparing hair care concoctions.

Today, we and our hair need prompt treatment, just like our food. So why not try Olaplex products for a quick and healthy treat that gives the benefit of Granny’s care and nature’s therapy with the best Olaplex products?

What is the Olaplex treatment?

Olaplex is a technology built for treating and repairing hair damage from hot tools, chemicals, the environment, styling, etc., by understanding the bonds with scientific formulas. It works like a miracle on damaged, frizzy, and rough hairs. This treatment uses top-notch hair care products to rebuild hair strength, structure, and integrity.

Can You Use Olaplex Every Day?

You can use the miraculous Olaplex products daily to restore, revitalize, and repair lifeless, dry, and damaged hair. Everyone from commoners to celebrities adores the treatment as it treats the broken hair bonds resulting from over-processing or thermal styling.

Here is a hair care regimen you can follow with the best Olaplex products, and you will never regret investing in them.

  • Oiling is a gift for hair: Oiling is as essential for our hair as water is for our body. Oiling nourishes the scalp by providing the right amount of greasiness, which further helps in curing and controlling the damage. Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil therapeutically enhances the luster and strength of your hair. The oil can be used for post and pre-wash. It also protects from the harmful heat exhaustion of blow dryers and straighteners.
  • Hair Cleanliness: Cleaning the scalp is the most important step to getting silkier hair. Olapex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo makes your hair more manageable with less frizziness. It reduces rupturing and is color-safe too. The cruelty, paraben, phosphate, and sulfate-free shampoo suits all hair types.
  • Conditioning is curing: We often neglect applying conditioner on the hair after shampooing, which is equally essential for the hair. With Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, one gets the desired moisturization for the hair as it is made up of Avocado oil which provides requisite Vitamin A, D, and E. It is infused with Olaplex technology, perfect for easy use on damp hair.
  • Apply a hair mask: A mask is a multifunctional tool for your hair. It can smoothen them with clear shininess and moisturize your scalp. Olaplex No. 8 bond intense moisture mask can yield the desired results in no time.

Olaplex has been a trusted name for all your hair care for the past 19 years and is available at 23 prime locations around the country.

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