There are many reasons for your hair to become brittle and lose its elasticity and fullness. A professional Botox skin treatment available as a prescription medication is a sure-shot remedy to remove skin wrinkles. It smoothens the skin, making it supple and even. Similarly, the Botox hair treatment is a remedy that helps hair stay smooth and frizz-free with homecare product assistance and certain tips.

What Is Botox Treatment For Hair?

With the botox treatment, hair gets fullness and smoothness as the botox fills in individual hair fibers. This treatment is a deep conditioning method in which hair fibers are coated with a keratin filler. Keratin fills in the breakage and thin areas on every hair strand so that it appears fuller and more lustrous.

This hair treatment is gaining popularity globally in leading saloons as it is a serious rejuvenation treatment for the lifeless, rough, and dull mane. Also, with a premium range of homecare products designed especially for botox treatment at home, you can achieve salon-like results.

Hair Botox Benefits

A sneak peeks into the hair botox benefits that contribute to making the treatment a global rage. Hair botox addresses split ends, dry and damaged hair, dull hair, and breakage.

This treatment is a perfect blend of proteins, amino acids, peptides, vitamin C, collagen compounds, vitamin B5, and lipids, making it a highly recommended solution for hair health regain.

The following are some of the advantages of hair botox:

  • Replenishing hair fineness
  • Makes your hair look fuller
  • Repairing damaged hair
  • Facilitating hair straightening
  • Hydrating and strengthening hair from the root

As botox for hair is suitable for all hair types, it is a treatment that aims for your hair’s complete well-being.

Closeup of hair botox treatment

Hair Botox Products Suggestions For Homecare

Here is a list of home care hair botox products that ensure the best longevity of hair botox treatment

  • De Fabulous Reviver hair repair shampoo is designed to restructure damaged hair texture. This shampoo’s amino acid protein complex penetrates deep into the hair cuticle to strengthen it and add intense shine. This sulfate-free shampoo is enriched with argan oil, quinoa protein, vitamins like A, B, C, and E, and minerals like zinc, iron, and magnesium, which benefit fighting dryness, frizziness, split ends and also ensure that your hair is ready to resist future damage. Regain your hair’s health with this shampoo!
  • De Fabulous Reviver hair repair conditioner is a perfect nourishing formula that restores your hair’s strength and elasticity, making it fuller, frizz-free, and shinier thanks to key ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, and more. Invest in your hair with this conditioner!
  • Kerastase discipline Bain fluidealiste gentle shampoo is another sulfate-free shampoo used at Envi Salon that offers benefits like gentle cleaning and treatment for frizziness and unruliness. Being a gentle shampoo with no chemicals or additives, this high-quality shampoo, with natural bone botanicals, eases sensitive or irritated scalps. Lock in the hair’s moisture with this shampoo!
  • Kerastase discipline Maskeratibe mask is a deep moisturizing mask to treat smoothness issues. With its deep conditioning feature, this mask restores hair homogeneity, adds smoothness, and protects against frizz. This gel mask ensures that your hair does not become brittle or stiff after drying. The lipid agents in this hair mask provide ample moisture, even for curly hair. It is truly a hair manager for damaged hair.

Hair Botox Treatment Price

The benefits of hair botox treatment, like volume addition, added smoothness to hair texture, a shinier finish, and the elimination of dryness and split ends that cause frizz, necessitate choosing the best salon. Check for botox hair treatment prices in India over the internet if you plan to visit the salon shortly.

After completing your Botox treatment at Envi Salon (Mumbai’s best salon for Botox hair treatment), follow the aftercare instructions. Use a sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, and hydrating mask at home to extend the treatment effects.