A manicure is a cosmetic treatment that aims towards the beautification of fingernails and hands. It includes complete care of your nails and hands. Right from nail clipping, removal of dead tissues, filing, and shaping of free ends of the nails to massaging with essential oils. Earlier, manicures only included the application of a simple nail color but with time various designs and painting can be done on the tiny surface of your nails. People often go for gluing on fake nails of different lengths to make their hands look more attractive. Different types of manicures can be done. Many different kinds of tools are used while doing manicures to take care of the tiniest of blemish.

Types of Manicures

French manicures were first done decades ago. It was found that actresses had to redo their nails based on their costumes so to lessen the constant change in nail colors and patterns, Jeff Pink came up with French manicures. A white pencil color is applied to the underside of the nail tips while the rest of the nails is covered with rose beige or nude shaded nail polish. Seeing that this pattern on nails went with almost every look, this became a trend that is followed to this day.

Hot oil manicures mainly focus on the health of your cuticles. The hot oil is massaged on your cuticles which makes them soft and keeps them healthy. this also cleans them by removing any residues left in them. In most cases, olive oil, mineral oil, or some lotion is used in this process.

Dip powder manicures are becoming very popular these days because of the ease of their application. This includes the application of cyanoacrylate powder in layers over your natural nails. A transparent coat of polish is applied over nails and then dipped in the powder, after each layer an activator is applied over it. This process is now being preferred over gel and acrylic nails.


Pedicure is the therapeutic cosmetic treatment for your feet. Its process is very similar to that of a manicure with an additional scraping of dead skin cells from the bottom of the foot. A regular pedicure includes soaking your feet in the water and then scraping the dead skin using a pumice stone. Once that is done, the toenails come into the procedure where they are clipped, filed, shaped, and painted. This is followed by moisturizing your feet and massaging your calves.

Types of Pedicures

There are many different types of pedicures all around the world but a few common types would include the Shanghai pedicure. This process does not include a pumice stone, instead of after soaking your feet a scalpel is used to scrape off the dead skin. A dry pedicure does not start with soaking your feet, it does nail filing, shaping, polish, and callus smoothing but while your feet are dry. In dry pedicures, an electric file is used to do all the work.
A paraffin wax pedicure is not different from a regular pedicure but it includes dipping your feet in multiple layers of melted paraffin wax to help moisturize your feet. Another similar pedicure is the French pedicure. It involves a regular pedicure that ends with the application of white toenail tips with sheer pink nail polish on top. Several other types are preferred to make your feet look beautiful and help them relax.

Why One Must Do Manicure and Pedicure

Manicures and pedicures can be done at home or a salon, it depends on the person getting one. If anyone decides to get manicures and pedicures or widely known as mani-pedi, getting them regularly is good. When asked as to why should one get manicures and pedicures, the health of your nails, hands, and feet are the answer.

Daily, our hands and feet experience a lot of harsh chemicals and environments, this leads to brittle nails, dry skin, and flaky-looking hands and feet. Getting a manicure and pedicure ensures that the nails are deep cleaned and massaged to promote their healthy growth. Deep cleaning of your nails helps them from being affected by any fungal infection. When your hands are feet are massaged using essential oils and lotions, it promotes blood circulation which reduces pain in that area and prevents joint pain.

In this fast-paced life, each person needs time to relax. If people don’t take time out for themselves and relax now and then, that affects their mental and physical health. The whole process of a manicure and pedicure is very relaxing and helps you forget all your stress and work-related issues for that time. It promotes self-care and helps you take time out to focus on yourself. These are the reasons why one should get manicures and pedicures now and then.