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Hair smoothening and straightening

Difference Between Hair Smoothening & Hair Straightening

Hair is a feature that completes any look with grace and beauty. Different hairstyles and colors make a person unique. People crimp, straighten, curl, gel, and do whatnot to their hair to style it in different ways. But the constant application of heat and chemical-filled products damages our hair and leaves it looking unpleasant. In such cases, hair treatment changes the unpleasant-looking hair into gorgeous locks. There are many treatments available based on the level of damage but some of them are highly recommended and immediately effective. Some of them are mentioned below.

What is Hair Straightening

What is Hair Straightening

Hair straightening is a treatment that takes up a lot of time and patience. This treatment makes any kind of hair straight and silky; it is a chemical hair compressing. Hair straightening can be temporary or permanent. Many people question the stylist as to how long a permanent hair straightening treatment lasts; here, the word permanent is used as this treatment lasts for several months. The lasting effect of the treatment depends on the hair growth of the person since the product stays on till new hair grows to replace the hair that was treated.

The process of the treatment takes up a few hours. Firstly, a hair protein configuration-changing chemical solution is applied to the hair. After letting it sit for a few hours the neutralizer is applied and finally, the hair has styled the way the customer wants it. It is vital to speak and consult a professional hairstylist before opting for any treatment as they can tell by your hair strength and texture which treatment your hair needs. Without consultation, your hair might get damaged.

Hair Smoothening

What is Hair Smoothening

Hair smoothening treatment is not very different from hair straightening. Both their processes are similar. In hair smoothening, a formaldehyde solution is applied to the lengths of the hair which gets saturated and once it is dry it is locked in via a flat iron. This leaves your hair extremely shiny, smooth, and honied. The product of both processes is identical and changes any textured hair in just a few hours.

Hair Straightening vs Hair Smoothening

When compared, the aim of both the processes is identical. People choose these treatments because straight hair is easy to manage and does not require high maintenance as compared to wavy, curly, or frizzy hair. The alkaline agent used in straightening breaks the keratin bonds and reshapes them while in smoothening, formaldehyde solution is used to saturate your hair and break the hydrogen bonds in your natural hair keratin.

As compared to both these treatments, another treatment has proven to be the most effective. Keratin hair treatment returns healthy keratin to your damaged hair and makes it as good as new.

Keratin Treatment cost

What is Keratin Treatment

Keratin hair treatment is one of the most preferred and recommended hair treatments. People having curly, wavy, or frizzy hair, wishing to have smooth, silky, Frizz-free hair without any hair damage opt for this treatment. If asked, what is a keratin treatment? The answer is simple, it is a treatment that provides hair with keratin. Keratin is a protein that our hair, nails, and skin are made up of.

How Much Does Keratin Hair Treatment Cost

When talking about hair treatments the prices are a big concern. Considering the most popular treatment, how much does keratin hair treatment cost? The starting rate is 3000 rupees and changes according to the salon’s popularity and quality. Some salons charge for the treatments based on the hair length and some have a fixed rate regardless of the hair length. It is affordable and effective on all hair textures.

How Long Keratin Hair Treatment Last

An additional question that is asked about this treatment is how long keratin treatment lasts. The treatment lasts according to the blend of the product applied to your hair and your hair texture. Depending on these factors the treatment can extend for several months.

After being familiar with all the things involved in these different treatments one can easily decide which treatment is ideal for them. These have proven to be the most effective, commendable, and long-lasting treatments available.

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