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Envi Salons, established in 2004, are the culmination of long years of preparation, contemplation, experience and a thoughtful approach towards providing best salon experiences on the high streets and to the mall walkers.

Cut & Wash
Get a consultation from our highly trained stylists on cuts who provide the attention-to-detail, style, and look you desire.
Hair Styling
Turn your hair in or out or you want them just straight or curled, our stylist is at your service to give you your desired hair style.
Hair Texture
Tired of the hair texture you wear every day? Need a permanent change? Our stylist will do just the right consultation to give you a new hair texture.
Hair Colouring & Highlights
Looking to change your normal hair colour, our stylist will help you choose that right hair colour that’ll suit your style and personality.
Hair & Scalp Treatments
Whether its nourishment or shine, sensitivity or dandruff, we have the right blend of hair and scalp treatment specially personalised for you.
Kérastase Hair Rituals
Customised haircare rituals which ensure that your hair care needs are addressed while treating you to an indulgent experience.
Skin & Body
Skin & Body
A single hair can make or break an entire brow!!! Our highly qualified beauty therapists are here to give you that perfect brow.
If you are looking for a comfortable waxing experience in a relaxing setting, you must visit our salon.
Looking to get rid of that weird Tan!!! Then, this is just the right service for you. Our well experienced beauty therapist will do just as you need.
Facials & Clean-ups
With the wide range of facials and clean-ups using international premium brands, we provide you with personalized facial and clean-ups as per the needs of your skin.
Skin Rejuvenating Masks
Whatever skin type you have, we have a mask to rejuvenate your face skin and make it look all young, fresh and nourished again.
Body Massages
A good body massage is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating service. It help us heal, repair and rejuvenate our muscles and tissues.
Body Exfoliation & Spa
Want your healthy skin to show up which is hiding below your dead skin? Our body exfoliators will remove your dead skin leaving your skin soft, healthy, shiny and subtle.
Body Wraps
Body wraps helps to improve the texture of your skin and also hydrates it.
Hands & Feet
Hands & Feet
Leave your hands well groomed, soft and subtle with our wide range of moisturising and rejuvenating manicures.
Let us help you remove all the impurities and tiredness from your legs and feet with our wide variety of rejuvenating pedicures.
Scrubs & Exfoliations
Our Scrubs and Exfoliators, will make your dull looking hands and feet healthy, soft and subtle by removing all the impurities and dead skin.
Nails Studio
Nails Studio
Gel Polish
Are you looking for nail polish that lasts you for a long time? Then this is the service for you. Gel polish will make your nails that shine and last longer without chipping.
Nail Extensions
Give your nails a makeover and your hands the glamorous look with Nail Extensions.
Nail 3D & Gel Arts
Tired of the same block coloured nails? Need something new? Nail 3D and Gel arts will spike up that boring block colour and give your nails a fresh and trendy look.
Makeup, Dressings & Bridals
Makeup, Dressings & Bridals
Saree Draping
Be it any style /kind of Saree Draping, our experts are always there at your assistance.
Eye Makeups
Want to enhance your look with a little something and don’t know what, eye make will add just that right amount of charm to your complete look.
Hair Up do Stylings
Going for an occasion and want a new hairdo? We are right here to revamp your look whether it be a classic bun or messy bun, Braid or any other hairdo.
Party Makeup
Want to look all glamorous and attractive at your special party, our well trained makeup artists will make you look the best with the right consultation and makeup.
Bridal Makeup
Look breathtakingly beautiful and confident on your special day with our high definition makeup. With makeup Service at Envi, our expert team of makeup artist, will make your skin look flawless, glowing and enhance your features.
Groom Makeup
Look magnificent on your special day with our high definition makeup which will make you look more confident and handsome.
Pre-Bridal Services
Start preparing your hair, skin, face and Hands & Feet for the special day with our exclusive pre-bridal packages. These packages are specially created keeping in mind the needs of today’s bride.