The rise in pollution increased troubles for everyone. Air, water, and sound pollution adversely affect our overall health, including hair health. There is a sharp upsurge in hair damage across the globe, leading to extremely dry and damaged stresses for many. However, an excellent hair treatment called cysteine hair treatment can be to your rescue if you face hair health issues. It can repair damaged hair, making them gorgeous and voluminous.

What is cysteine hair treatment?

Cysteine hair treatment is the latest revolution in hair straightening and hair smoothening methods that slowly make heads turn. It is like keratin hair treatment, the market leader in hair rescue.

Cysteine is a hair protein part of the keratin group, which works with the existing proteins present in hair to soften and release all curls and waves from hair, leaving it smooth and straightened.

A cysteine complex treatment repairs damaged hair and adds shine to dull hair.

Cysteine treatment vs. keratin treatment

This is the most asked question whenever someone hears about cysteine treatment. How is it any different from keratin treatment?

Both are temporary hair treatment methods that provide damage control to your hair, for starters.

1. Formaldehyde Chemical-free treatment

Formaldehyde not only causes hair loss and allergic reactions, but it is also harmful to the workers. prolonged exposure to formaldehyde causes serious health issues, putting the lives of the salon workers as well as the customer at risk. Cysteine treatment is free from Formaldehyde chemicals, making it gentler for your hair and safer for your health as well as for the workers.

2) Fading issue

Keratin treatment in itself is a great course for your hair, but cysteine hair treatment provides a much long-lasting effect, this treatment will fade much later than keratin and also seems less evident and messy. And not only does it last longer, but it also gives a deep repair and nourishment to the hair.

3) Effects show immediately

Cysteine hair treatment shows immediate results enabling the customer to have a detailed analysis on the results. It works on enhancing the natural effects and benefits of your health giving a dazzling shiny look to your hair.

What is cysteine hair straightening?

A cysteine hair straightening uses a nonessential amino acid to smoothen your hair which is a perfect solution for extraordinarily frizzy and unmanageable hair. It works from your roots to your tips. This can last over three months without making it seem noticeable post-wearing.

But can everyone get cysteine hair straightening? Keeping the expensive amount aside, everyone can get cysteine hair straightening. Everyone but people with thin hair. It is a big no for people with thin hair as it would further reduce the volume of your hair. Even the people who have recently dyed their hair should wait for about one month as a deep root treatment would lead to the hair color wearing off.

Pro Tips

While everyone can get a cysteine complex treatment done, one must follow these few tips to make it last longer. Stick to the chemical-free USP of cysteine treatment and do not use sulfate-based shampoo post-treatment, as it will counter treatment effects. Avoid the use of any chemicals like bleach or, for that matter, any chemical treatment on your hair. Avoid swimming or wear a swim cap to prevent the chlorine from sticking to your hair on a safer bet. Do not shampoo every day. Twice a week is more than enough. Avoid metallic dyes or henna while the hair is treated and get a hair spa once a month. Finally, use a cysteine-based serum to make the treatment last longer.

Don’t Believe Blindly – Check Yourself

Do not get overwhelmed by the number of tips or cons of cysteine hair treatment. It is the safest bet available in the market to make your hair look good as new. If you have frizzy, curly hair, it is advisable to get this treatment done. After all, your hair is the crown of your head!