Are you also someone who is searching for a means to make your hair look sleek and shiny? 

Don’t worry we’ve got the guide for you and two options which suit your need for straight and shiny hair and these include- Hair Spa and Hair Keratin Treatment

In this article we will be talking about the types, how are both of these done and which one will be the best for you, read on to know more.

What is a Hair Spa

A hair spa is like the name suggests, a relaxing treatment for your hair. When people use multiple products to their hair to make it shiny, curly, and straight among many, it damages their hair. This damage leads to a lot of hair issues.

To rejuvenate your hair, a hair spa is one of the best treatments out there. It is used to treat dry hair, rough hair, oily scalp, itchy scalp, and dandruff. Many can be seen getting a regular hair spa to free themselves of a stressful week.

People who like to color, bleach, straighten, and curl their hair for a long duration appear to experience most of the mentioned hair problems. To help their hair recover from all the chemical products used, hair spas are the best techniques.

smoothing hair treatment

What are the Types of Hair Spa

For different hair problems, different hair spa treatments have been opted for.


Dandruff can be caused due to many factors, dry scalp, accumulation of hair products and the rest. Hair spa treatment for dandruff has proven effective on dandruff, not only does it reduce dandruff from your hair scalp, it makes your hair smooth and lustrous.

Hair Thinning

Another problem is hair thinning due to hair fall. Sometimes when your hair does not get enough nutrition or comes in contact with pollution or any other factor that can cause hair fall, it becomes weak and falls out at a rate higher than normal.

This phenomenon is called hair fall and leaves you with thin hair. A hair spa treatment that contains omega-3 fatty acids is done for people facing this problem. It helps in hair growth by stimulating hair follicles.

Oily scalp

Oily scalp is a problem for many people. It makes your hair look greasy and flat. It also causes dandruff if not treated on time.

Those having an oily scalp must opt for a hair spa for oily hair. It returns volume to your hair and makes it detangled and shiny.

Scalp Problems

Scalp problems might be less but their results are not to be avoided. An itchy scalp leads to constant scratching of your scalp which may damage or cause an injury.

Also, when you scratch your hair in public, people tend to move away from you thinking that you might have dandruff or lice, leaving you in an embarrassing spot. In such cases, a calming hair spa can be of help.

The ingredients used in this particular treatment heal your scalp and calm it such that you can say goodbye to scratching forever.

Hair Damage

Many can be seen coloring their hair to look different. But the chemicals used in hair colors make your hair appear good from the outside but damage it from the inside.

People with colored hair must get a regular hair spa so that it helps in the protection of their hair from the harmful UV rays from the sun, and masks it from pollution and any other hair damaging factor.

People who have trouble managing their hair regularly must opt for a hair smoothening spa treatment. It uses rich oils and antioxidants that make your hair healthy and manageable in the long run.

How is a Hair Spa Done?

There are various steps that are involved when you get your hair spa done from the salon, these are as follows:-

Step 1: Cleaning The Hair

    Firstly, like any other hair treatment, you get your hair shampooed at the salon. This helps remove the dirt from your hair before starting the process because your hair needs to be extremely clean before you start the process. 

    Step 2: Hair Mask

      Now is the time to get back that moisture to your hair. You apply a hair mask that contains a serum that strengthens your hair follicles and removes the flakiness and dryness from your scalp. After this is done, your hair will be smooth and frizz-free. 

      Envi offers Kerastase discipline- Maskertine Mask which is a top-tier remedy for thick unruly hair.  This mask contains Morpho Keratin Complex, which gives your sleek hair with enduring discipline.

      Step 3: Scalp Massage

        Now after your hair is smooth and has moisture in it, we will ensure that this moisture reaches every corner of your scalp and this has to be done through a long massage. Massaging your hair helps increase blood circulation, also helps in hair growth, and helps us get healthy hair.

        It also ensures that the serum mask reaches to every part of your hair. 

        Step 4: Steaming

          When we steam out hair, the pores in our roots open up to let in the moisture that was provided by the hair mask and give us deep nourishment. 

          Step 5: Rinsing

            The last step in the process of hair spa like another treatment is rinsing. We rinse our heads so that no extra product is left in our hair except the part that has already been absorbed by it. This can lead to greasy hair and would not lead to a clean and healthy scalp

            What is Hair Keratin Treatment

            Hair Keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout is a treatment that returns keratin to your hair. Keratin is a protein that is much needed for your hair to be healthy. Hair Keratin treatment can be temporary or permanent.

            A chemical solution is applied to your hair and the final result differs based on your hair type. It also fills the gaps between your hair protein and makes the frizz go away.

            keratin hair spa

            How is Hair Keratin Treatment Done?

            Hair keratin treatment also has certain steps that the hair stylist will go through to give your hair a silky and smooth look, these are- 

            Step 1: Shampoo Your Hair

              The hairstylist will first, clean your scalp to get rid of all the dirt that has accumulated and the dead skin cells that are still there. This is an essential step to begin with. 

              Step 2: Applying The Chemical

                After your hair is washed and cleaned, a chemical will be applied to your hair. This could be done when your hair is wet or when it has been blow-dried, depending on the type of hair and what it needs. 

                If your hair is blow-dried, you might need a hair protectant, we have got the perfect pick for you- Keratin Thermique blow dry primer is a heat protectant that reduces the damage of heat on your hair while leaving your hair frizz-free. 

                Step 3: Giving It The Heat

                  Now that the chemical has been applied to your hair, it will be made to stay for around 30 minutes. After that, your hair will be straightened with a flat iron to secure the chemical in your hair and seal the treatment. 

                  Hair Keratin treatment usually takes a few hours. And if you follow the after-treatment hair care routine religiously, you might not even require the treatment until 6 months and your hair health will also not get ruined. 

                  Envi provides a luxurious keratin treatment where each strand of your hair is covered in a keratin-infused solution, it brings back shine, reduces frizz, and gives you a manageable hair type that is silky smooth. It helps your hair become strong and resilient by nourishing each hair follicle. 

                  Hair Spa v/s Hair Keratin Treatment

                  Hair Keratin treatment makes your hair manageable, and frizz-free and reduces dryness by filling in the lost keratin from your hair whereas hair spa includes massage, steam, hair wash, and serum. When compared, a hair keratin treatment lasts longer than a hair spa.

                  The effect of a hair spa lasts for 4-8 washes and needs to be done regularly depending on your hair type. Hair keratin treatment does not make your hair permanently straight but smooth enough to make it manageable. Hair spas on the other hand make your hair smooth and shiny for a brief period.

                  To choose between these two treatments you need to ask yourself if your hair needs repair or pampering. Based on the answer you get you can opt for any of these two treatments.

                  It is vital to consult a hairdresser before opting for any of these treatments for there might be side effects and different reactions on different textures of hair. Some products might contain chemicals that can result in allergic outcomes while some might not work as effectively as you might like them.

                  The hairdressers being experts in all of these hair-related queries, can direct you in the right direction regarding your hair’s health.

                  What Is The Best Option For Your Hair: Hair Spa Or Keratin Treatment?

                  The hair spa experience is what you get indulged in to get temporary silkiness and shine to your hair. It helps get rid of common hair problems like dandruff, flakiness, dryness, split ends, and frizzy hair.

                  When your hair begins to look like a good long shower cannot fix it, this is where the hair spa comes in, it moisturizes your hair strands, helps in hair growth, and also gives a shiny look to your dull hair.

                  This treatment is a temporary fix and does not last long, it might have to be repeated from time to time to give your hair the shine it deserves. On the other hand, the hair keratin treatment closes your hair cuticles and makes your hair frizz-free for a long period of time.

                  The hair keratin treatment does involve chemicals that can pose certain side effects on your hair, so you need to be careful with the after-treatment hair care. 

                  Now, the decision is yours, if you require ton to keep your hair texture the same but get the shine back for a while, you can go for the hair spa but if you want your hair texture to be changed so that it can look shiny and smooth for a longer period, you should go ahead with the hair keratin treatment.

                  But consult your hairstylist before making any decision. 

                  keratin on hair

                  Cost of Hair Spa and Hair Keratin Treatment

                  The cost of Hair Keratin treatment ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 depending on the salon, the type of treatment you are getting done, and the length of your hair. Generally, a hair spa costs around 600 to 5000 rupees but this too depends upon the location, the length of the hair, and the hair products that they use. 

                  At Envi, you can get the ultimate revitalizing experience in a hair spa. Here, a hair spa is more than just a hair treatment, it is a beauty care treatment, it starts with a custom consultation when the hairstylist gets to know your hair type and what kind of products will you require.

                  During the treatment, every single strand of your hair will get moisturized and properly treated. You will relax in a peaceful space while the hairstylists work through and your worry will melt away. This is your chance to get this one-of-a-kind experience which you might not be able to get elsewhere with envi. 

                  Wrapping it Up!

                  Now that we read about the types, risks and how-to-do of Hair Spa and Hair Keratin Treatment, you can judge for yourself that both of these processes do give your hair the look that you want. The only things that you need to watch out is the risks which you need to check according to your hair type.

                  After care after the Hair Keratin treatment is also very essential and getting a Hair spa time to time can be good for your hair. Now the decision is yours, which opne would you choose, a temporary fix or a permanent solution?

                  There are a few frequently asked questions answered below:

                  What is keratin treatment?

                    Hair Keratin treatment is that one treatment that smoothens your hair and brings back the shine with as less of damage as possible. On one hand, when other treatments give chemicals to your hair, keratin treatment gives your hair keratin which is a protein that is good for it. 

                    Which is better keratin treatment or a hair spa?

                      Hair Keratin treatment does not make you straight permanently but makes it shiny and manageable for a long period. On the other end, a Hair spa makes your hair smooth and shiny for a brief period. Now the choice is yours to make depending on your hair type and hair length.

                      Is a hair spa necessary after keratin treatment?

                        A hair spa could be a good option to consider after a keratin treatment. A hair spa can help soothe and calm the scalp which is quite often irritated after the Hair Keratin treatment

                        Is getting a hair spa good for hair?

                          There are a lot of reasons why a hair spa can be good for your hair. Firstly, it leaves your hair smooth and silky, secondly, it betters your chemically treated or naturally damaged hair, and lastly, it helps your hair growth. 

                          Does keratin damage hair or not?

                            Keratin does damage your hair to a certain level. The chemicals used in the treatment can make your hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. If you have fine hair or already chemically processed hair, yous should be careful while deciding if you want to go through this treatment or not since your hair might not be able to bear it.