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Hair spa vs hair keratin treatement

Hair Spa vs Hair Keratin Treatment

What is Hair Spa

A hair spa is like the name suggests, relaxing treatment for your hair. When people use multiple products to their hair to make it shiny, curly, straight among many, it damages their hair. This damage leads to a lot of hair issues. To rejuvenate your hair, a hair spa is one of the best treatments out there. It is used to treat dry hair, rough hair, oily scalp, itchy scalp, and dandruff. Many can be seen getting a regular hair spa to free themselves of a stressful week.

People that like to color, bleach, straighten and curl their hair for a long duration appear to experience most of the mentioned hair problems. To help their hair recover from all the chemical products used, hair spas are the best techniques.

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What are the Types of Hair Spa

For different hair problems, different hair spa treatments have been opted.


Dandruff can be caused due to many factors, dry scalp, accumulation of hair products and the rest. Hair spa treatment for dandruff has proven effective on dandruff, not only does it reduce dandruff from your hair scalp, it makes your hair smooth and lustrous.

Hair Thinning

Another problem is hair thinning due to hair fall. Sometimes when your hair does not get enough nutrition or comes in contact with pollution or any other factor that can cause hair fall, it becomes weak and falls out at a rate higher than normal. This phenomenon is called hair fall and leaves you with thin hair. A hair spa treatment that contains omega-3 fatty acids is done for people facing this problem. It helps in hair growth by stimulating hair follicles.

Oily scalp

Oily scalp is a problem for many people. It makes your hair look greasy and flat. It also causes dandruff if not treated on time. Those having an oily scalp must opt for a hair spa for oily hair. It returns volume to your hair and makes it detangled and shiny.

Scalp Problems

Scalp problems might be less but their results are not to be avoided. An itchy scalp leads to constant scratching of your scalp which may damage or cause an injury. Also, when you scratch your hair in public, people tend to move away from you thinking that you might have dandruff or lice, leaving you in an embarrassing spot. In such cases, a calming hair spa can be of help. The ingredients used in this particular treatment heal your scalp and calms it such that you can say goodbye to scratching forever.

Hair Damage

Many can be seen coloring their hair to look different. But the chemicals used in hair colors makes your hair appear good from the outside but damages it from the inside. People with colored hair must get a regular hair spa so that it helps in the protection of their hair from the harmful UV rays from the sun, mask it from pollution and any other hair damaging factor.

People that have trouble managing their hair regularly must opt for a hair smoothening spa treatment. It uses rich oils and antioxidants that make your hair healthy and manageable in the long run.

Keratin Treatement

What is Hair Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout is a treatment that returns keratin to your hair. Keratin is a protein that is much needed for your hair to be healthy. This treatment can be temporary or permanent. A chemical solution is applied to your hair and the final result differs based on your hair type. It also fills the gaps between your hair protein and makes the frizz go away.

Hair Spa v/s Hair Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment makes your hair manageable, frizz free and reduces dryness by filling in the lost keratin from your hair whereas hair spa includes massage, steam, hair wash and serum. When compared, a keratin treatment lasts longer than a hair spa. The effect of hair spa lasts for 4-8 washes and needs to be done regularly depending on your hair type. Hair keratin does not make your hair permanently straight but smooth enough to make it manageable. Hair spas on the other hand make your hair smooth and shiny for a brief period. To choose between these two treatments you need to ask yourself if your hair needs repair or pampering. Based on the answer you get you can opt for any of these two treatments.

It is vital to consult a hairdresser before opting for any of these treatments for there might be side effects and different reactions on different textures of hair. Some products might contain chemicals that can result in allergic outcomes while some might not work as effectively as you might like them. The hairdressers being an expert in all of these hair-related queries, can direct you in the right direction regarding your hair’s health.

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  1. Anisha verdhani

    My hair are not so thin my hairs are wavy so do I need to take keratin treatment or spa ?

    1. Hi Anisha,
      It completely depends on what you are looking for as both the treatments are very different. Keratin Hair Treatment is a treatment which lasts for 25-30 washes and gives a frizz free and shiny hair result whereas hairspa is a nourishing treatment meant for relaxing and nourishing of hair and scalp.

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